Adults or Retired Breeders

bulletPlease note: All Sales are between the individual private parties and not by Ragdoll International. Either parties may refuse or accept any offer or request.

Once a cat is over a year old or no longer used in a breeding program, they are sometimes available as show pets or just pet to a good home for a very reasonable price. This page is for those looking for, or wanting to list an adult or retired breeder.

To List your Adult or Retired Breeders: Please fill out this short Application Form.

If you would like to have a picture of your cat with the listing, please send an email to Retired Breeders with an attached JPG image of your cat. Thank you!

Please email us when these cats are no longer available, so we can update the listing and keep it current. Thank you!
People looking for Adults or retired breeders are listed below the available breeders.


 bulletAdults or Retired Ragdolls Available

realname: Carol & Serge Marechal
date: August 20/15
phone: 250-923-8355
catsname: Timir
colorpattern: Blue pt bicolor male adult
date_of_birth: May 1/09
gender: Male
pet_or_show: Pet
registered_with: TICA
ship: yes
preferences_children: Timir (Timmy) would be fine with older children but preferably would suit a mature person or couple. He is a very sweet, friendly and healthy boy. HCM neg.
preferences_other_pets: He would be fine with a female cat but preferably would like to see him as the only cat. Gentle dogs are fine.
realname: Jena Painter
date: August 10, 2015
phone: 717 435 3291
catsname: Tiger Lily
colorpattern: Seal Lynx Bicolor
gender: Female
pet_or_show: Pet
registered_with: TICA
ship: No
preferences_children: Tiger Lily is a sweet girl. She is one year old and will do well with other cats. I am placing her because I am no longer breeding Ragdoll cats. She was never bred. Please contact Jena if you are interested in giving her a forever home!

bulletAdult/Retired Ragdolls Wanted


Please check back!


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